Monday, July 11, 2005

Ho Hum..

today seems to be a ho hum kind of day. I am doing what I can and cleaning the house and trying to prepare for my sister to visit from Connecticut. I want to have a birthday party for her as well. Her birthday is July 20th. I think that will be fun as I have not had or been to a party for her in many years. She will also come to church with me and I am very excited about that. I pray that she will accept the Lord as her saviour.

I have errands to do today and at some point I will get to them.

What will I make the kids for lunch? Hmmm... Shall I take them out for lunch? I am not sure. I better decide fast as lunch is quickly approaching. Maybe I will pack a lunch and we can eat it at the park! Hey, that is a good idea. They would love that.

nothing more to say for now.


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