Thursday, March 19, 2009

Closet overhall!

I spent 4 hours today overhauling my closet. It is a walk-in but you could not even step into it! We had crate and boxes all over. My kids got into it one day trying to help me get organized and all they did was scatter everything from the crates and boxes to the floor.

I did not realize how much junk I had that really needed to be thrown ut. I packed up a large crate full of clothes for Goodwill and that will be carted off tomorrow. The closet looks just fab and the floor is completely cleared! It is wonderful! My husband walked into it a few times after I was done. I think he was in disbelief! :)

Next task is moving the den to anoter part of the house so I can clean up and decorate for the new baby!!! I am on a roll!!!

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Robin said...

I plan to clean out 3 of my closets (master bed room, upstairs hall and down stairs back hall) this weekend. These 3 are the worst and really need thinning out.

oh and.....congratulations on your new little addition. :-)

Hope your day today was a beautiful one.