Monday, March 16, 2009

Up late thinking about Lilly...

I was up and I can not seem to sleep. I think it is due to lack of sleep from the overnighter we organized with the teenagers at our church friday through Saturday. It was fun and we saw one girl get saved and that was sooo cool. But it is taking me a lot of time to recover from staying up all night. I am 20.5 weeks along in this pregnancy and I feel pretty good but the lack of sleep really got to me. I have been finding it hard to sleep at all now. eek. :)

Anyway, I was thinking about going to the Lilly store in Boca tomorrow. They have the cutest little store in such a quaint area. I love Boca as it reminds me of a New England town with that Fl flair. I have seen celebrities there a couple times and always randomly. It is kinda neat. :)

I am now browsing the site for lilly. I saw the best little pink sweater for my little girl. It has her fave animal on it. I showed it to her and she was thrilled about it. I think she would look pefect in it.

Ok, I am going to finish browsing everything Lilly and then off to bed to try and get some beauty sleep.

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