Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just relax...

Today was a productive but ineventful day in our home. We were going to take a trip to the beach but decided not to as it is Spring Break and the beaches are packed like sardines right now. I really hate when people smoke around us at the beach and you just can't avoid it during Spring Break. So, we went out to find my DD a bathing suit to fit her as she has grown out of her old ones. We saw some really nice ones for about $50 a piece but that was way too much knowing she would grow out of them in a few months anyway. Then we found other around $20 but they were so low cut or missing too much fabric for an 8 year old to be wearing so we decided to forego those. I think we checked 5-6 stores before we finally found the perfect suit. It is cute and modest and came with a pair of shorts. My husband was very patient with the whole shopping experience and dressing room after dressing room. (He hates shopping)
We got home from shopping for the bathing suit and my DD and I decided that we were having a sweet tooth attack so we looked through a favorite church cookbook of ours and found a no-bake cookies recipe that looked good. We had all the ingredients and so we make some yummy cookies.
Now, we are looking at blogs and relaxing on this lazy Saturday afternoon.

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LaVonne said...

Thanks for following my blog. Any input and comments are always appreciated. I hate it too when people smoke around my Princess. In Washington, where I am originally from they have more strict laws. You can't even smoke within 25 feet of a public building. The beach is a much harder place to enforce though. Enjoy your Wednesday! I am off to Yosemite National Park! Whoo Hoo!