Monday, March 16, 2009

Cookbook I love...

I was going through some cute preppy blogs and saw some pretty neat things like fave books and stores to visit. It got me thinking of one of my favorite cookbooks. I have a whole collection of cookbooks. I can not even fit them all in the cabinet above the stove so i have a bunch in a bookcase in my bedroom. but, one of my favorties to read is called The W.A.S.P. cookbook. It is by Alexandra Wentworth. I am not a Protestant, I am a Baptist but I think this is a very entertaining book to read and it has a lot of really great recipes in it. I love to look through my vcookbooks and some are very interesting but this one is so fun to actually read. I am not sure if it is in preint anymore or not but I am sure you can go to and find it used. It has a dark blue velvet cover with gold lettering. Very entertaining. :)

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